52 Sport Coupe

52 Sport Coupe | Overview

What would happen if a company combined the chic appeal found in Europe’s leading builders with the space and functional layout Americans are known for? Factor in the world’s best propulsion system and allow owners to customize the yacht to their specifications, and what do you get? The Regal 52 Sport Coupe.

  • Full-Beam Master Stateroom

    The aft Master Stateroom on the 52 has a sprawling layout with full single level walk-around space. The master features a Olympic Queen size bed and more than enough storage for all the amenities for a week long trip.

    Full-Beam Master Stateroom
  • Glass Enclosure Option

    The only canvas a boater likes is one that is framed and hung on a wall. The optional glass enclosure puts canvas where it belongs: in a museum.

    Glass Enclosure Option | 52
  • Pre-Production Pricing

    The Regal 52 Sport Coupe presents not only the best performing and best equipped yacht in it's class, but it's also the best value. The pre-production program eliminates many of the overhead cost and allows the purchase price of a 2013 model to begin at $889,000, which represents a savings of over $426,000.

    Pre-Production Pricing | 52 Key Features
  • Single Level Cockpit Sole

    No need to separate the guests or the party. The single level cockpit sole keeps everyone on the same level and in view of the fading horizon.

    Single Level Cockpit Sole | 52
  • Factory Delivery

    Regal's company captain along with your local Regal Yacht dealer delivers each Regal 52 Sport Coupe. Who better to instruct on the systems than a captain who has logged over 10,000 miles aboard the Regal 52.

    Factory Delivery | 52 Key Feature
  • Performance

    Through superior hull design, production methods, and new light materials, Regal is able to achieve performance with twin IPS installation that rivals competitors' 52-footers with triple installations, giving you less weight, less draft, more engine room space, 1/3 less fuel consumption and less engine maintenance.

    Performance | 52 Key Feature