3550 | Overview

The calling card for the 3550 – to hang out and have fun.  The large wrap-around U-shaped seating welcomes up to 10 friends, plus it features two reclining sun lounges. A port refreshment center is equipped with all the necessities; large countertop, a gas grill, a 36-quart Igloo cooler and deep sink.  Until you feel and appreciate the volume of space and the opportunity for entertaining aboard the 3550, you’re simply missing the boat.

  • U-Shaped Seating

    The U-shaped seating is perfect no matter how big your crew is.

    U-Shaped Seating | 3550
  • Transom Lockers

    The transom lockers let you keep your lines, fenders, and other boating gear out of your cockpit.

    Transom Lockers | 3550
  • LeatherCrest Cabin Upholstery

    LeatherCrest provides the warm look and feel of leather but is easier to maintain.

    LeatherCrest Cabin Upholstery | 3550
  • Refreshment Center

    When you're ready to entertain, the refreshment center is the perfect place to set out the lunch buffet and it provides easy access to the cooler.

    Refreshment Center | 3550
  • PowerTower

    Folding your tower is as quick as a touch of a button.

    PowerTower | 3550
  • Fusion 700 Marine Stereo

    The Fusion head unit has full integration for your iPod/iPhone enclosing it in a waterproof dock, as well as providing AM/FM/VHF and Sirius radio capabilities.

    Fusion 700 Marine Stereo | in cabin