2750 | Overview

Life on the water would be perfect if every day were 80 degrees, cloudless and with a whisper of wind. But it’s never that simple, is it? That’s precisely the reason behind the 2750, a boat that moves with you. Whether you’re inside or out, the 2750 plays to your needs. Playing host is the large U-shaped seating arrangement, accommodating a group of seven or more. Make no mistake about it – the 2750 is cuddy in all the right places.

  • FasTrac Hull Design

    The FasTrac Hull gives you more control on the water, with 26% faster speeds, and at the fuel pump, with 30% better fuel efficiency.

    FasTrac Hull Design
  • Sliding Screen Door

    The full size sliding cabin door keeps the cabin cool and comfortable without any unwanted guests.

    Sliding Screen Door | 2750
  • Deepest In Class Deadrise

    At 24 degrees, you will have the deepest deadrise in class - perfect for eating up chop on windy days.

    Deepest In Class Deadrise | 27s
  • LeatherCrest Cabin Upholstery

    LeatherCrest provides the warm look and feel of leather but is easier to maintain.

    LeatherCrest Cabin Upholstery | 2750
  • Dual Refreshment Centers

    The dual refreshment centers are the perfect place to fix up an afternoon snack.

    Dual Refreshment Centers
  • Fusion 700 Marine Stereo

    The Fusion radio has full integration for your iPod/iPhone, which can be enclosed in a waterproof dock, and has AM/FM/VHF radio capabilities.

    Fusion 700 Marine Stereo | 2300 & Up