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2000 | Overview

The Regal 2000, may be one of the smallest in Regal’s lineup, but don’t be fooled. There’s nothing little about it. This boat was tailored to the family who wants to do it all on the water, while still being able to fit it into the budget and into the garage between weekends.

  • FasTrac Hull Design

    The FasTrac Hull gives you more control on the water, with 26% faster speeds, and at the fuel pump, with 30% better fuel efficiency.

    FasTrac Hull Design
  • Transom Walk-Thru

    A dedicated walk-thru provides for safe access to your cockpit and saves your upholstery.

    Transom Walk-Thru | 2000
  • RTM Hatches

    Resin Transfer Molded hatches are stronger and finished on both sides.

    RTM Hatches | Bowriders
  • Fusion 600 Marine Stereo

    The Fusion head unit has full integration for your iPod/iPhone, which can be enclosed in a waterproof dock, and has AM/FM radio and Sirius capability.

    Fusion 600 Marine Stereo
  • StoreMore Bow Lockers

    StoreMore bow lockers ensure that you will have plenty of space to store all of your belongings.

    StoreMore Bow Lockers | 2000
  • Tinted, Tempered and Curved Windshield

    When you buy a Regal, you know that you are buying an un-compromised product. That is why Regals feature a more stylish one-piece windshield.

    Tinted, Tempered and Curved Windshield | 19-21